About the project

EUROPEAN HAIRDRESSERS is a strategic partnership project within which we plan to develop high quality skills and competences of the students becoming hairdressers through international exchange of practices and collaborations with similar institutions in partner countries. In this project we are 6 partners from 6 countries, 5 of us represent VET providers and the 6th partners is a Hairdressing salon, representing an actor on the labor market.

The project also includes the partnerships with some organizations on the labor market in the domain of hairdressing.Through project activities and partners cooperation we aim to enlarge the employment opportunities of the graduates of such qualification by giving them the possibility to get in touch with the requirements of the international labor market in the domain and by this the students will develop the international high quality skills and competences required by actors on the international labor market. Through this project a number of partnerships will be developed between VET providers and institutions on the labor market.

At the end of the project a special international guide for hairdressers qualification will assure the products of the project can be used for as many VET providers and students as possible.